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The Little Mermaid by sharandula

The first striking feature of this artwork are the stunning blue eyes, a perfect example of how contrast can be soft and still highlight certain elements. The use of her wavy hair as a background template was a very well thought decision as a blue underwater background would shift attention towards her bright hair. Using the hair as a background draws focus on the sharp blue eyes.
The next thing you notice is the soft orange sheen on the lips, which again acts in the favor of highlighting the blue eyes...
The intricate detail on the hands and hair deserves appreciation.
The bubbles are another highlight that are very intelligently incorporated to fill the "empty spaces" in the picture.
The underwater lighting effect is subtle and does not dominate the soft radiance of the lady rather it adds to her beauty.
The only awkward part is the lady's left hand which is weirdly positioned, but the aesthetic appeal of the picture is so overwhelming that it does not pose any problem and only feels absurd on a careful and detailed observation.
Once again, the choice of colours was an essential component in its appearance and i doubt it would look better had the hair been colored otherwise.
I would say this picture is a breathtaking example of good digital art, and though it looks simple , i can imagine the amount of work it required...
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sharandula Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much ^__^
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